Frequently asked questions

Will all of my ordered items arrive together?

If your order contains multiple gift boxes all going to the same delivery address, it is likely that your entire order will be delivered at once. Each hamper is sent as its own individual parcel, with its own shipping label. This means that on the rare occasion, parcels maybe separated from each other in transit. If this occurs the the gift boxes should arrive within a day of each other. For more information, or if the remaining gift boxes(s) have still not arrived after a day or two, please contact Annette at

What happens if the address I gave is incorrect?

If you contact us on the same day as the order, or very soon after, we may be able to ask the courier to direct to another address. If you don’t contact us in time, one of the following may happen: The gift may be delivered, and potentially kept by the receiver at the wrong address. If this occurs there is nothing we can do as we don’t know who has the gift. The gift may be delivered, and the receiver may contact us to inform us they have it. Generally this would be someone close to the original address and they may be able to hand-deliver it. If not, it is possible to organise another courier, though the fee for that is not known until booking and would be chargeable. The gift is not delivered, and we are contacted by the courier. At this point we can have it re-directed to a new address – there will be a new Delivery Fee based on the delivery location. The courier company will contact us and the gift box will be returned. If you wish the gift to be re-delivered, a new shipping fee will need to be charged. If the gift box is not returned to us, we will assume is has been delivered and no refund is available.

What happens if no one is home?

Our couriers have Authority to Leave the gift if no-one is home, and there is a safe place to do so. A safe place includes hidden from view, out of the sun, etc. If the courier cannot find a safe place (eg: can’t get into a locked Unit block) then they will not leave the gift. No signature is required upon delivery. If this happens, a “Sorry we missed you” card will be left, which will tell you where your gift has been taken. This could be the nearest Post Office (for no more than 10 days), or back to the Startrack depot. Please follow the instructions on the card to get your gift. You may receive a notification from Startrack advising this. Notifications are sent to our gift Senders (not Receivers) since you are our Customer. If the gift has been taken to the depot they will make 2 more delivery attempts, or you can advise them what you wish them to do here – look for the Missed Delivery box. You can contact Startrack Express on 13 23 45 and quote your Tracking ID (which is found in the emails sent to you from Gourmet Basket after ordering) if you wish to discuss your delivery directly. You can contact us at any time should you have further difficulties on 1300 120 451 during business hours Monday to Friday, or email

Has my order shipped?

If you need to confirm the delivery status of your order, please call Annette on 0481 264 529 or email me at and I will reply to you as soon as information can be retrieved for you. Please note that our hours of operation are 9am to 5pm Sydney Time, Monday to Friday. NB: We are closed on all Australian public holidays and weekends but you can contact us by email at at any time.

How do you ship the gift boxes?

Boxed in our durable, custom designed shipping boxes ensures that when your gift arrives, it is as impeccably presented as when it left the warehouse. The design aesthetic continues through to our shipping boxes and gift cards which also reflects our design. We thrive to create emotion from the design of the boxes to the product inside.

My order has been Returned to Sender by the courier. What happens now?

Occasionally a hamper will be returned to us for one of the following reasons: A card was left but the recipient did not pick the package up from the post office or parcel locker. - The recipient is not known at that address or has moved. - The address details are incorrect or insufficient. - The delivery was refused. - There was no access to a secure building or complex to deliver or leave a card. - The recipient was in a hospital or hotel and has been discharged or checked out. - The courier could not contact the recipient and there was nowhere safe to leave the parcel (Same Day Sydney deliveries) Once your order arrives back at our warehouse we will inform you via email. You will have the option to have the order reshipped from our warehouse, although an applicable redelivery fee will be passed on to you to facilitate the delivery of the hamper to the same or an alternative address. Please note that this process is subject to change at Christmas due to the volume of returns and the nature of the products being sent.

Where are my items shipped from?

All gift boxes are shipped from our Office is Port Macquarie

Can I send my own courier or shipping agent to pick up my order?

While our delivery services are provided by a professional courier network we understand that you may prefer a personal shipping agent to collect and ship your order. Please note that to organise your own courier or shipping agent your order must be for a minimum of 6 gift boxes. The Golden Clover Gift Boxes is unable to liase with individual shipping agents to organise pick ups, and all pick ups must be organised by the customer. Please note: The GOlden Clover Gift Boxes are not responsible for the condition of any goods once they leave our warehouse if they are being delivered by a service other than our own couriers.

Do I have to pay GST on my order?

No, The Golden Clover Gift Boxes is not currently registered for GST and therefore no GST Tax applies to your orders.