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Quality Gormet Gift Box. Localally made Olive Tapenade and from the Other Chef award winning Spiced Mango Chutney, Black Garlic Worcestershire Sauce and Beetroot Relish, Accompanied with locally made Bagle Toasts, and Lucious assorted lindt chocolates Beautifully Presented in a Kraft Gift Box with Ribbon, Tissue Paper and Complimentary Card.

Luxury Gourmet Gift Box.

  • * Chillie Tomato Chutney 350g

    * Olive tapenade 90g

    * Spiced Mango Chutney 280g

    * Beetroot Relish 280g

    * Black Garlic Worcestershire Sauce 150g

    * Black Market Salt & Pepper Toasted Bagels

    * Assorted Lindt Chocolates

    * Complimentary Gift Card

    * Quality Magnetic Gift Box with Ribbon

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