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Spoil some one with this Goumet Gin Gift Box.Ideal gift for family, friends or corporate.With Scottish Hendrix's gin and Elderflower Tonic Water. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. Local made Quince Paste, Red Rock Deli Sea Salt Chips. and Sea Salt & Sesame Crackers made in Australia. Sure to impress.

Gourmet Luxury Hendrix Gin Gift Box

  • * Hendrix's gin 750ml

    * 3 bottle Elder Flower Tonic Water

    * 5 Pack Ferrero Rocher

    * The Other Chef Quince Paste

    * Sea Salt & Sesame Crackers

    * Red Rock Deli Sea Salt Chips

  • Hendrix's distillery owned by William Grant & sons.Hendrix's gin renaissance when it launched in 1999.

    Hendrix's is the numer one super premium gin in the world best served with Elder flower tonic water.

    Hendrix's is a distilled comprised from a propietary receipe featuring 11 botanicals collected from the four corners of the world.

    Master distiller Miss Lesley Gracie utilises two types of still in the creation of Hendrix's.

    By blending the contrasting together she is able to achieve a rare union of lightness with the fusion of essence.

    Serve Hendrix's gin over ice with tonic water and a slice of cucumber.

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