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Merlot stone circle red wine from the local Cassegrain winery. Delicious aromas of cherry compote, ripe and rich with adelicate rhubarb freshness accompanied with local made blueberry jam, quince paste, byron bay cookies gourmet crackers, Ferrero Rocher and Dark Lindt chocolates.

Merlot Red Wine Gift Box

  • * Stone Circle Red Merlot 750ml

    * Dark Lindt Chocolates 123g

    * Ferrero Rocher 65g

    * The Other Chef Quince paste 100g

    * Blueberry Jam 280g

    * Byron Bay Cookies

    * Gourmet Crackers 100g

  • Region – New South Wales
    Alcohol – 13.5%
    Cellaring – Best enjoyed young and fresh

    Ah Merlot, what is it supposed to be like? What is the benchmark? Its almost an age old conundrum for winemakers. Merlot in style can be like the proverbial how long is a  piece of string? Our Merlot should be expressive yet yield. It should be strong yet elegant and structured without pretence. Merlot is almost enigmatic. She has a reputation that she is soft but she can be a masculine brute if handled incorrectly. Above all she should dispatch flavoursome missives befitting her authority.

    This Merlot is defined by structure and flavour. The colour is ruby with aromas of cherry compote punctuated with a varietal tomato bush herbaceousness . The palate is ripe and rich again showing stewed red fruits finishing with a delicate rhubarb freshness.

    The rich fruity flavour is best enjoyed with red meats and game. This wine is created to enjoy now but will last a decade or more with careful cellaring.

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